These are my best guesses why you’re here:

  1. You’re my mom. (Hi!)
  2. You’ve read Specious & Dispersion, absolutely loved them, and are now looking around hoping for updates on when the final book will come out! I would also like to know that. We’re in this together.
  3. We’re about to go on a date and you’re doing some research in hope that I’m not crazy. I’ll go ahead and shed light on that for you! An ex once told me I’m an “egotistical psychotic (expletive) with a (expletive) up mind.” So I’ll see you in a bit?
  4. You’re slightly on the fence about whether to read my books or not. Let me make that decision easy for you..click here and order your copies before they sell out on e-book! 
  5. And probably the most likely of all…you actually know someone else named Robin Berkstresser and you came here by accident. You’d be surprised with how often that doesn’t happen.

Did I miss anyone? If so, congratulations you’re an outlier – a beautiful unicorn! Though, I highly doubt it. That list was as inclusive as the Republican Party.

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