Can Robin Be Sentimental?

Friday night, I took my parents out to a nice dinner. It was a lovely evening. We ate nice steaks, drank wine, and ate the best apple pie I’ve ever had. What was even more special, however, was the fact that I am in the position where I can treat/spoil my parents after years of them doing that for me.

That night really had me thinking about the importance of family bonds. There is a group of individuals that you have (for the most part) no hand in selecting, yet they are a major part of your life.

My parents have never been anything but supportive for me. They taught me the only person that can ever place limits on me is myself. My brother has had the biggest influence on my life, hands down. Trying to keep up with him has forced me to constantly push myself.

What I want to discuss, though, is my relationship with one of my male cousins. I was told not to be afraid of opening up in a blog, so I want to share this story. I think it sheds a lot of insight into who I am.

To start off, you should know a little bit of background about my cousin. Only three years older than I am, we grew up extremely close. At every important milestone in our lives, we were there for each other. When he turned sixteen, I was so green with envy that I had to wait another three years before it was my turn.

As we continued to grow up, we still felt compelled to over share on some events that can be a little awkward. For instance, from his stories, I am pretty sure he has slept with about half of the DFW area. I mean, good for him, but I don’t necessarily need to hear all the stories.

One day, I was finally tired of hearing about it so I said, “Listen, as long as you’re being safe, I don’t care.”

With a big grin, he replied, “Oh, I never wear a condom. I hate them.”

“Do you at least make sure they are on birth control?”

Throwing his hands up in the air, he said, “Not my problem.”

I’m not sure I have ever tried so hard to resist the urge to punch someone before. I simply could not understand how he could be so nonchalant and irresponsible about something like this. I know my aunt didn’t raise him to act like this.

Then it hit me. He’s a cop. He’s used to pulling out on people.

*ba dum tssshhh*

 Yes, I did just write all of that to deliver the punch line. Don’t even try to pretend you didn’t like it.

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