A Day In Her Paws

An ideal day according to my dog:

Ah, my human keeps turning off this beeping noise and ignoring it. She seems upset that it is time for the light again. I should snuggle closer to her to show I love her.

My human has finally gotten out of the place where we sleep every dark time. I am still tired. I think I will continue to lie here while she goes into the place with the water.

She is leaving the water room. That means it is time to eat! I must get out of my comfy place and follow her to my food bowl. She likes it when I sit before I eat it.

Now that my stomach no longer feels hungry, I will go lie on my favorite light time sleep place and wait for my human to take me out of my territory.

Yes! She is ready to take me outside! I must jump and bite at my leash. I want her to know how much I love going on walks.

I love going out of my territory. I slowly sniff around and until I find the right place to release the tension in my body. All of the other dogs I know lift one of their legs up when they do this. I don’t know why, but I lift my leg as well because that is what we do.

Oh no! My early light walk is almost over! I must quickly squat and poop so my human has to walk back to the place she throws it away.

My human has kissed the top of my head and left my territory. Now my wait begins. I’ll go spend some time on my light time sleeping place…

Oh wow! I hear my human’s moving box. It’s already time for her to be back! I must jump and claw at the door so she knows where I am.

She is back! I jump and jump and jump and bark because I am so happy to see my human.

It is food time again! I eat as quickly as I can because I do not want someone else to eat it.

My human is now wearing the clothes she puts on when we go on long walks! I am so excited I must chew on my leash while she tries to put it on me. I am just so happy! She tells me to stop but she smiles so I know it is okay.

She lets me stop at a place that is okay for me to pee and I lift my leg. I feel relieved after having to hold it all day.

My human opens the door for me to get inside her moving box. I love going for rides! I hop in and she rolls down the window for me. So many scents!

My fur flows back behind me while I take in all the new surroundings.

Oh no! There is another dog. I must bark at him or else he will come and steal my favorite ball.

We are at the special long walk place. My human starts to move faster than normal. I run beside her. I love going for runs!

I smell something amazing and stop to poop on the hard ground. Because she is my human, she always picks it up for me. I wonder why she does this.

We are back in the moving box and I am very tired. I scratch the seat to make it more comfortable and take a quick nap.

My human opens the door to my territory and I go drink from my special bowl.

She sits down with her lap toy and starts hitting it repeatedly. I wonder why she thinks this toy is fun when it doesn’t move or squeak.

I grab a toy and run around my territory. My human moves her lap toy and gets on the floor with me. I love playtime!

I am tired again. I let my human play with her toy and take another nap.

Yes! It is time for my dark time walk. We go outside and I get to sniff and pee one last time.

My human goes into our dark time sleeping place. I crawl under the covers with her to snuggle.

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