We’ve all had those good roommates and the absolutely disastrous ones. Living with someone can really strengthen the relationship and turn the two of you into amazing friends, or at the end of the year you won’t even be Facebook friends. Luckily, since I started living alone, my relationship with myself has only gotten stronger. That would have been really awkward to stop following myself on social media.

 10 amazing things about living alone:

1) Walking around naked with no regard to anyone else. Listen to Beyonce! You’re #flawless! Flaunt your stuff…but only if you’re the only one home.

 2) Being able to shower with the door open. The smell of shampoo filling up your apartment is a forever yes.

 3) Keeping your apartment as dirty or clean as you want it. The only one that gives AF is you. No one is there to judge you if you end up eating your oatmeal in Tupperware with a teaspoon because you are just that behind on your dishes.

 4) Being completely hung over and not having to socialize with anyone. There is nothing worse than being hunched over a toilet with someone trying to talk to you. A friend told me this one. I wouldn’t know from experience.

 5) Having an excuse to drink an entire bottle of wine. This one is completely unrelated to the previous post. I always follow the advice of my mother when she told me, “it probably isn’t a good idea to get in the habit of drinking a whole bottle of wine by yourself.”

6) The only person eating/drinking your food/beer is yourself. Then you end up with enough beers in your fridge, they could file for social security. Got to make those ends meet somehow, right?

 7) You don’t have to worry about anyone disrupting your sleep schedule. Unless you have a mother or boss that will call/text you repeatedly if you don’t answer. If that is the case, let me introduce you to the Do Not Disturb mode on the iPhone.

 8) No one nagging you about their opinions. Have to wake up at 6am on a weekday to Uber back to your car? No one will tell you to be more responsible. End up playing Sims all night while binge watching a show on Netflix? No one will be there to say you need to get out more.

9) You can be selfish. Don’t want to have to put up with a roommate’s emotional baggage? Live alone and adopt a dog. They are always happy.

10) No sharing. Even though we have been told all our lives “sharing is caring,” sometimes you have to channel your inner cat and hiss if anyone gets too close to your things. Let’s be honest, there are some weeks where you might keep laundry in the dryer for a week and have to run it every morning  for 10 minutes so your clothes aren’t wrinkly.

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