Motivational Monday?

I am going to treat everyone to a rare glimpse of Serious Robin. Take it as you will.

A lot of people wait for their dreams and ambitions to come to fruition. They think, “One day, when I am X years old, I will do/have Y and then I’ll be happy.”

I went on a date with this guy once and it didn’t go too well. I should have known when he gave me the whole ‘head nod’ thing when he saw me. Anyway, he was waiting until he turned thirty before he would get serious and start to pursue a career. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against chasing outside interests, but to decide you’re just going to mess around until then? That’s ridiculous. Let’s just say we never went on date number two.

Why wait for a certain time in the future to allow yourself to be happy? Stop passively waiting for your life to happen and make it how you want it. Find your passion and put everything into it. Eliminate anything in your life that holds you back.

Because every decision you make, you are essentially justifying that that action is more important than anything else you could be doing. Make sure it is worth it.

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