About the Author



“Who are you?”

(Supposed to be read in Maz Kanata’s voice)

Do you want the stiff, professional bio or do you really want to know about me?

Let’s try to keep it real.

I was the person who never knew who I wanted to be when I grew up. I never had any doubt that I’d do well, but I had no earthly idea what I’d do.

I recently asked my mom, “Who did you worry about more growing up: me or Sean (my brother)?”

Her response was instantaneous. “You.”

It seems like almost every writer always knew that’s what they wanted to do. I’d be lying if I said that’s how I felt. It just happened.

I always enjoyed reading and hearing a good story; I never imagined I’d create them.

By the way, my parents let me read IT by Stephen King when I was 13. That doesn’t seem too early? How about letting me watch the mini-series when I was 7 or 8? I’m still terrified of sewers.

I had a teacher in elementary school who I remember encouraging me to write. I would go home, write stories, and bring them back for her to review. Before writing my first book, that’s the only time I can think of writing for the sake of writing.


From then on, writing was something I had to do for school. It got turned into a chore – something I wanted to get done as quickly as possible so I could move on to something better.

But then, the idea for Specious came to me and everything changed.

As I sat in that philosophy class, bored out of my mind, I started to daydream and the basic premise came to me. What if society were genetically engineered? What if (major spoiler for how Specious ends)?

I sat on that idea and it would not let me forget it. After I graduated college and entered the “real world,” I started writing.

I haven’t stopped.


Growing up in Texas, I never thought I would be in a place more conservative. Then, I went to college at Kansas State University. Now, I’m somehow living in Oklahoma.

One last thing you should know about me…Or rather, my dog, Juno. I adopted her when I was 15 and she’s been with me ever since.