The Great Jeep Leap

Late one night in my senior year of college, I was walking back to my apartment with two of my closest friends. Upon learning that one of them would never lock her car door, I experimented and begun trying to open random doors to test how trusting everyone was.

My roommate had a jeep and decided to mess with me. She bet that I couldn’t break into her car. Since I was of sound state of mind, I rose to the challenge and immediantly got stuck.

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We’ve all had those good roommates and the absolutely disastrous ones. Living with someone can really strengthen the relationship and turn the two of you into amazing friends, or at the end of the year you won’t even be Facebook friends. Luckily, since I started living alone, my relationship with myself has only gotten stronger. That would have been really awkward to stop following myself on social media.

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A Day In Her Paws

An ideal day according to my dog:

Ah, my human keeps turning off this beeping noise and ignoring it. She seems upset that it is time for the light again. I should snuggle closer to her to show I love her.

My human has finally gotten out of the place where we sleep every dark time. I am still tired. I think I will continue to lie here while she goes into the place with the water.

She is leaving the water room. That means it is time to eat! I must get out of my comfy place and follow her to my food bowl. She likes it when I sit before I eat it.

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Can Robin Be Sentimental?

Friday night, I took my parents out to a nice dinner. It was a lovely evening. We ate nice steaks, drank wine, and ate the best apple pie I’ve ever had. What was even more special, however, was the fact that I am in the position where I can treat/spoil my parents after years of them doing that for me.

That night really had me thinking about the importance of family bonds. There is a group of individuals that you have (for the most part) no hand in selecting, yet they are a major part of your life.

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