Part Two of the Specious Series

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The Territories prided themselves on their ability to make each generation smarter, stronger, and healthier. With their plans, the future meant all humans would be born perfect. And to those who were Planned even before conception, perfection was already in their genes. They never once paused to consider the ramifications. Scientists arrogantly pushed the boundaries until it was too late—they had paved the path for an infection that utterly tore down society.

The reluctant leader, Elliot has finally come to terms with his Unplanned status. He’s found acceptance in his chosen family even as the world around him shatters. Too soon, the infection spreads its way into his newly found happiness. He must again turn to the only person who can help, one of the architects of the privileged society…his brother. Dominic betrayed Elliot without hesitation once before—actually, that’s all he’s ever done—but Elliot is out of options.

In exchange for Dominic’s help, their group must integrate themselves into Acroisia, a society that’s chosen to follow religion as strongly as the Territories prioritized science. The values so adamantly pushed on him his entire life are replaced with a different kind of belief system.

Elliot needs to know if he risked—and lost—everything for nothing.